The Repair Project (And Other Affairs of Just Plain Living)

Hosted by Seed Space, 2015


The Tennessean, May 29, 2015

The Repair Project (And Other Affairs of Just Plain Living) is a conceptual piece and socially engaged artwork in which I mend items in need of repair as a starting point for a discussion about labor, use-value, and exchange. I began the project in 2015 using my own items of clothing and linens that were worn or damaged. The result of the repairs is not invisible perfection, but instead unique and useful mend that commemorates the original labor involved in the making of the item, whether it be mass-produced or handmade. By presenting the repair as a valuable action through her labor as an artist, I hope to encourage others in similar activities to counterbalance overconsumption. For the project at Seed Space, my own mended work clothes were on view during the exhibition. During the opening reception and gallery hours, there was a small workstation where I performed on-the-spot mending. Visitors brought items to be repaired on-site or left for donation. At the end of the exhibit, there was a closing reception celebrating the repairs. Through this exchange, members of the community had the opportunity to participate in a reflective and accessible cultural experience.