Mary Addison HACKETT
Paradise:Parallax, The Joshua Treenial

Paradise:Parallax, The Joshua Treenial, co-curated by Bernard Leibov and KJ Baysa, BoxoPROJECTS, Joshua Tree, CA (April 12-14, 2019)

BAVC Preservation Access Program 2018

Excited to be selected as a participant in the current round of BAVC's Preservation Access Program. 📹 📼

ARTIST'S TEA and discussion at Cap Rock, Joshua Tree National Park

Artists Tea and disucssion at Cap Rock, Joshua Tree National Park
9 AM Sunday March 4, 2018

I'll be discussing relationships to place, how living in the desert has deepened my commitment to integrating art and life, and what it means to have a migratory observational practice. 

Talk gets underway around 9:30

CON - TESTI May-June 2018

RM  -  LA
Opere e Dialoghi
Galleria Sinopia, Roma, Italia
May – June 2018

Riccardo Ajossa
Nobushige Akiyama
Marzia Corteggiani
Daniela Costanzo Giorgio
Lucia Pagliuca
Lydia Predominato
Virginia Ryan
Maria Grazia Tata
Justin Randolph Thompson

Steve DeGroodt
Mary Addison Hackett
Nancy Monk
John David OBrien
Steve Roden
Susan Sironi
Joan Weinzettle
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