Archeology/Ground Nest Project


Many thanks to the Mojave Desert land Trust for visiting the site of the Archeology/Ground Nest Project this week. The project was given the Desert Ecosystem Conscious Artwork (DECA) badge to indicate that the artwork was fabricated consciously and that it adheres to their environmental regulations. For more info, visit MLDT and learn about their Reading the Landscape program.

For updates on the project, go here. 

Video Screening

December 1st, December 2, 2017
Serial Box Projects, Columbia Missouri
Focus Check, Single-Channel Video. 0:32 seconds. B&W. Ambient audio. 2016.

Continuous looped projection, accessible to the public. The video will be rear projected onto a plate-glass window in a small building near the University of Missouri for an outdoor audience.

Collections at Elephant Gallery

Wishbone Scene, 1995. [Excerpt, Single-Channel Video. 4:00 minutes, Color. Sound]

Elephant Gallery
Opening reception: Friday, May 12 at 6:00pm
Organized by Alex Lockwood

Getty Collection

My Mother's Pants. Single-Channel Video. 0:58 seconds. Color. Sound. 1995.
The Getty Research Institute has announced the acquisition of the Joanie 4 Jackie archive, a feminist filmmaking project created by Miranda July and previously archived at Bard College. 

Various Positions at COOP

Various Positions 
– Michael Dickins
– Mary Addison Hackett
– KJ Schumacher
January 7 – JAN. 31, 2017
Opening Reception: Jan 5, 6pm-9pm | COOP Gallery, 507 Hagan St, Nashville, TN 37203
COOP Gallery is proud to present Various Positions, an exhibition of multidisciplinary work by Michael Dickins, Mary Addison Hackett, and  KJ Schumacher.  
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