mary addison HACKETT

Curated by Julie Torres  
Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s
December 1-6, 2015

ART IN AMERICA assembles a constellation of artwork from across the US featuring one small work per artist, representing every state + Puerto Rico. This installation acts as a literal map of activity, documenting the current conversation of and about art-making taking place across the country.

PRESS: "Best of Nashville," writers' choice for Best Solo Show," Nashville Scene, 2015

Best Solo Exhibit 
Mary Addison Hackett’s Crazy Eyes at David Lusk Gallery
Writers' Choice

PARTICIPATION:Community Slide Show in conjunction with Vesna Pavlović's Lost Art

Community Slide Show
in conjunction with Vesna Pavlović's Lost Art, I presented a selection of vintage slides depicting floral arrangements and table settings from the 1940's through 1960's. 

On Saturday, October 10, Zeitgeist Gallery invites members of the community to bring, project, and share their personal collections of slide photography in the gallery.  

Featuring artists: Michael Aurbach, Susan De May, Mary Addison Hackett, Jana Harper, Kelli Hix, Robin Paris, Marilyn Murphy, Betsey Robinson, John Warren, and Emily Happell Williams, PSU Film & Video.

micro-SCREENING: Studio Visit micro-doc hosted at The Nashville Scene

Fall 2015

The Nashville Scene has been hosting some of the recent micro-docs.

The Studio Visit short films are a series of micro-documentaries that focus on conversations I have with contemporary artists and cultural spaces in the South and beyond. They are an extension of my studio practice and came about as I began questioning my own work, and the ever-shifting role of artists in society.

LIFE EVENT: LA Storage Unit

My rationale was that if Baldessari could do it, and if Richter could do it, then I could do it. In August I compassionately put down a number of paintings held in my Los Angeles storage unit.
The process was planned and documented, complete with cuts, scrapes, bruises, and receipts. 

PUBLICATION: The New Photo Books Are Here:

Digest-sized photo books. Check back for updates. 
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