Selected videos, stills, and documented actions with dealing with maintenance, quotidian details of time and place, and feminist concerns. For Vimeo passwords and links, please contact me at mahworks [at] gmail [dot] com.


Woman must put herself into the text - as into the world and into history - by her own movement. - Hélène Cixous, “The Laugh of the Medusa”

In the recent performative work I make use of wry wit and humor whether referencing serious concerns or dealing with the banalities of life as an artist, and currently, a modern-day homesteader of sorts, in the Mojave Desert.

I began working with video in the early 90s. Given the male-dominated history of painting, I felt a closer kinship to the women pioneers of video art when I first picked up a camera. Fast forward to the present. I am no longer a young woman. I’m at an age where the camera picks up my so-called flaws, and investigations that  might have been comically absurd when done by a younger woman, could now be seen as embarrassingly eccentric. But the work is much more than that. It’s about acknowledging vulnerabilities and imperfections, successes and shortcomings. It’s a testament to women making themselves seen and heard at any age.
Micro-films reflecting a diverse range of themes from ‘the personal is political,’ to impermanence and the observation of transcendental moments in the everyday. Instability of our prevailing political climate (2016- present) and the ensuing anxiety is a subtext in much of the recent work. 

Recent experimental documentary and micro-cinema focusing on conversations with contemporary female artists and those involved with cultural spaces in the South and beyond. The videos are an extension of my practice as an artist and came about while re-evaluating my relationship to the studio as the main site of production.

Documented actions involving community, orchestrated and spontaneous. For more, visit my instagram page: mahackett
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